Junior Prof. Dr. Ariyan Javanpeykar

I obtained my PhD in June 2013 under the supervision of J.-B. Bost (Paris-Sud 11), Bas Edixhoven (Leiden), and Robin de Jong (Leiden). From July 2013 until November 2015 I was a post-doctoral fellow supported by the SFB/Transregio 45. Appointed as a (non tenure track) Junior Professor in Mainz, and I am currently on the job market. I was positively evaluated as a Junior Professor in May 2018, and therefore hold the equivalent of a Habilitation.

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My research is concerned with Arakelov theory, Belyi's theorem, Lang-Vojta's conjecture on rational points, Kobayashi's notion of hyperbolicity, Shimura varieties, period domains, non-archimedean hyperbolicity, and
dynamical systems in arithmetic geometry. In my work I employ algebraic stacks, Hodge theory, and arithmetic geometry. In case you're interested, I gave a talk at the MSRI in which I summarize some recent results:

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  1. Finiteness properties of pseudo-hyperbolic varieties (joint with Junyi Xie) (arxiv)
  2. The Lang-Vojta conjectures on projective pseudo-hyperbolic varieties.
    Submitted. Preprint available upon request.
  3. Integral points on algebraic subvarieties of period domains: from number fields to finitely generated fields (joint with Daniel Litt) (arxiv)
  4. Boundedness in families with applications to arithmetic hyperbolicity (joint with Raymond van Bommel and Ljudmila Kamenova) (arxiv)
  5. Effective estimates for the degrees of special maximal subvarieties (joint with Christopher Daw and Lars Kühne) (arxiv)
  6. Arithmetic hyperbolicity: endomorphisms, automorphisms, hyperkähler varieties, geometricity (arxiv)
  7. Non-archimedean hyperbolicity and applications (joint with Alberto Vezzani) (arxiv)
  8. Arithmetic hyperbolicity and a stacky Chevalley-Weil theorem (joint with Daniel Loughran) (arxiv)
  9. Demailly's notion of algebraic hyperbolicity: geometricity, boundedness, moduli of maps (joint with Ljudmila Kamenova) (arxiv)
  10. Algebraicity of analytic maps to a hyperbolic variety (joint with Robert A. Kucharczyk) (arxiv)
    Math. Nachrichten, to appear.
  11. Horospherical stacks (joint with Kevin Langlois and Ronan Terpereau) (arxiv, journal)
    Münster J. of Math. Volume 12 (2019), p. 1-29.
  12. The Belyi degree of a curve is computable (joint with John Voight) (arxiv, journal)
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  13. Invariants of smooth Fano varieties in families (joint with Frank Gounelas) (arxiv, journal)
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    Annali della Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, Classe di Scienze, Serie V, Vol. XVIII, Fasc. 2 (2018), 509-535 
  15. Bounding heights uniformly in families of hyperbolic varieties. (joint with Ken Ascher) (arxiv, journal)
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  22. Néron models and the arithmetic Shafarevich conjecture for certain canonically polarized varieties.  (journal)
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  23. Szpiro's small points conjecture for cyclic covers. (joint with Rafael von Kaenel) (arxiv, journal)
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  24. Polynomial bounds for Arakelov invariants of Belyi curves, with an appendix by Peter Bruin. (arXiv, journal)
    Algebra and Number Theory, Vol. 8 (2014), No. 1, 89–140.



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Ph.D. Thesis

Seminars/Workgroups/Groupes de Travail

Summer school 2018: International summer school on arithmetic geometry

This summer school is organized by Davide Cesare Veniani, Dino Festi and myself with the help of SFB/TRR 45 Bonn-Essen-Mainz and will take place in Salerno (Italy) from September 10th until September 14th, 2018.

Autumn School 2017: Topics in arithmetic and algebraic geometry

This autumn school is organized by Davide Cesare Veniani, Dino Festi and myself with the help of SFB/TRR 45 Bonn-Essen-Mainz and took place in Mainz from October 9th until October 13th, 2017.

Summer School 2015: Algebraic Stacks

This summer school was organized by Ronan Terpereau and myself with the help of SFB/TRR 45 Bonn-Essen-Mainz and took place in Mainz from August 31st until September 4th, 2015. The website contains live-teXed notes for most of the lectures.




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