Moduli of curves and the theory of algebraic stacks (Seminar, Winter 2021)

In this graduate seminar we study the moduli space of curves from a modern (hence stacky) perspective. Aim of this seminar is to familiarise its participants with properties of algebraic stacks and their precise relation to properties of the objects they parametrise.

Program: Program Moduli of curves seminar

Dates and location: Tuesdays, 10-12 (tentative), in 05-426.

Moduli of curves, IOctober 26Ariyan Javanpeykar
Moduli of curves, IINovember 2Ariyan Javanpeykar
Polarized varieties, INovember 9Jonas Ehrhard
Polarized varieties, IINovember 16Jonas Ehrhard
Rigidifying moduli problems, INovember 23
Rigidifying moduli problems, IINovember 30
Algebraic spaces and algebraic stacks, IDecember 7Philipp Licht
Algebraic spaces and algebraic stacks, IDecember 14Philipp Licht
Artin's axioms, IJanuary 11Cedric Luger
Artin's axioms, IIJanuary 18Cedric Luger
Smoothness of moduli spaces, IJanuary 25
Smoothness of moduli spaces, IIFebruary 1