Abelian Varieties: Winter 2014-2015

This is the website for the seminar Abelian varieties  held at the Johannes-Gutenberg University of Mainz during the Wintersemester of 2014-2015



Practical information

Organizers: Ariyan Javanpeykar, Ronan Terpereau

Schedule:  Tuesday 16h00-17h30 in Room 04-422



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  1. Holomorphic line bundles on complex tori (Laura Biroth), 28th of October, notes
    content: Appel-Humbert theorem, dual complex torus, Poincaré line bundle.
    references: [Polishchuk,I.1], [Mumford, I.1 and I.2], [Birkenhake-Lange, 2.1-2.5]
  2. Theta functions I (Xin Lu), 4th of November, notes
    content: isogenies, Riemann forms, theta functions, algebraizability of complex tori.
    references: [Mumford, I.3],  [Cornell-Silverman, IV.1-IV.3]
  3. Theta functions II (Helge Ruddat), 11th of November, notes
    content: isogenies, Riemann forms, theta functions, algebraizability of complex tori.
    references: [Mumford, I.3],  [Cornell-Silverman, IV.1-IV.3]
  4. Cohomology of line bundles (Markus Pauly), 18th of November, notes
    content: vanishing theorem of Mumford and Kempf, dimension of the cohomology group of a line bundle, Riemann-Roch theorem.
    references: [Polishchuk,I.7], [Mumford III.16],  [Birkenhake-Lange, 3.1-3.6]
  5. Abelian varieties and theorem of the cube (Carolin Peternell), 25th of November, notes
    content: algebraic group point of view, rigidity lemma, theorem of the cube, ampleness criterion.
    references: [Polishchuk,II.8], [Mumford, II.4-II.6]
  6. 2nd of December: NO TALK!
  7. The dual abelian variety (Levente Nagy), 9th of December, notes
    content: construction of the dual abelian variety, functorial point of view, (principal) polarization, construction of the quotient of abelian varieties.
    references: [Polishchuk,II.9], [Mumford, II.7-II.9], [Birkenhake-Lange, 4.1]
  8. The Jacobian  (Adam Czaplinski), 16th of December, notes
    content: symmetric power of a curve, construction of the jacobian of a curve, (statement of) the Torelli theorem.
    references: [Polishchuk,III.16 and III.21], [Birkenhake-Lange, 11.1], [Cornell-Silverman, VII.1-VII.4 and VII.12]
  9. Singular cohomology of complex tori vs étale cohomology of abelian varieties (Thomas Weissschuh), 6th of January, notes
    content: étale cohomology groups of abelian varieties, singular cohomology groups of complex tori.
    references: [Birkenhake-Lange, 1.3 and 1.4], [Cornell-Silverman, V.15]
  10. Abelian surfaces (Maksim Zhykhovich), 13th of January, notes
    content: Kummer surfaces and other examples, Reider's theorem, product of elliptic curves.
    references: [Birkenhake-Lange, 10.1-10.6]
  11. Period distribution of Abelian varieties (Maximilian Preisinger), 20th of January, notes
    content: periods of Abelian varieties, endomorphism ring of Abelian varieties,  CM fields
    references: [Anderson]
  12. 27th of January: NO TALK!
  13. Moduli theory of abelian varieties (Ariyan Javanpeykar),  2nd of February (at 16.00 in room 04-422), notes
    content: representable functors, examples of moduli functors, moduli  of abelian varieties and its basic properties (smoothness, separatedness, non-properness, etc)
  14. Abelian varieties over finite fields and Weil numbers (Axel Stäbler), 3rd of February, notes
    content: abelian varieties over finite fields, Weil numbers, Honda-Tate theory
    references: [Oort]
  15. Compactification of the moduli space of abelian varieties (Ronan Terpereau), 10th of February, notes
    content : case of elliptic curves , minimal compactification, modular compactification of Alexeev, semi-abelian varieties
    references: [Brion], [Olsson]