Vorträge und Forschungsseminare vergangener Semester

Vorträge im Kolloquium Geometrie und Arithmetik

21.10.2021Lorenzo Mantovani (Mainz)On the Chow-Witt ring of the moduli stacks of genus one curves
04.11.2021Patrick Graf (Bayreuth)Varieties with numerically trivial canonical divisor
18.11.2021Thomas Nikolaus (Münster)Segal's Burnside ring conjecture and a generalization for norms
16.12.2021Erwan Rousseau (Brest)Special varieties
27.01.2021Siddharth Mathur (Paris-Saclay)Searching for the impossible Azumaya algebra
28.04.2022Elden Elmanto (Harvard/Paris)On the motivic cohomology of schemes(pdf)
12.05.2022Can Yaylali (Darmstadt)Derived F-zips(pdf)
09.06.2022Katharina Hübner (Heidelberg)The wild ramification locus(pdf)
07.07.2022Javier Fresán (Palaiseau)A non-hypergeometric E-function(pdf)
14.07.2022Charanya Ravi (MPIM Bonn)Localization theorem for algebraic stacks(pdf)


Oberseminare im Wintersemester 2021/22:

Oberseminar arithmetische Geometrie (Tamme/Blickle)

This semester we will discuss the article Projectivity of the Witt vector affine Grassmannian by Bhatt and Scholze.

Oberseminar Geometrie und Topologie (Lehn/Lehn/Festi)

Joint Seminar with Mailand and Chemnitz on Geometric Invariant Theory. Also open to Master Students

Oberseminar algebraische Geometrie (Javanpeykar)

Algebraic Stacks and Moduli of curves and abelian Varieties.