Vorträge und Forschungsseminare vergangener Semester

Vorträge im Kolloquium Geometrie und Arithmetik

21.10.2021Lorenzo Mantovani (Mainz)On the Chow-Witt ring of the moduli stacks of genus one curves
04.11.2021Patrick Graf (Bayreuth)Varieties with numerically trivial canonical divisor
18.11.2021Thomas Nikolaus (Münster)Segal's Burnside ring conjecture and a generalization for norms
16.12.2021Erwan Rousseau (Brest)Special varieties
27.01.2021Siddharth Mathur (Paris-Saclay)Searching for the impossible Azumaya algebra
28.04.2022Elden Elmanto (Harvard/Paris)On the motivic cohomology of schemes(pdf)
12.05.2022Can Yaylali (Darmstadt)Derived F-zips(pdf)
09.06.2022Katharina Hübner (Heidelberg)The wild ramification locus(pdf)
07.07.2022Javier Fresán (Palaiseau)A non-hypergeometric E-function(pdf)
14.07.2022Charanya Ravi (MPIM Bonn)Localization theorem for algebraic stacks(pdf)
03.11.22Wadim Zudilin (Nijmegen)Motivation for q-deformation
10.11.22Sarah ZerbesRuth Moufang LecturesDarmstadt / Zoom
17.11.22Yingkun Li (Darmstadt/Mainz)Algebraicity of Higher Green Functions at a CM Point(pdf)
24.11.22Emre Sertöz (Hannover)Limit periods on curves and arithmetic heights(pdf)
02.12.22Srikanth Iyengar (Utah)Rigidity properties of the cotangent complex(pdf)
15.12.22Tom Bachmann (Oslo)Residual intersections and Witt-valued Euler numbers(pdf)
22.12.22Janina Letz (Bielefeld)Homotopical characterization of exceptional complete intersection maps(pdf)
19.01.23Guiseppe Ancona (Strasbourg)The standard conjecture of Hodge type for abelian fourfolds(pdf)
02.02.23Ana Botero (Regensburg)Toroidal b-divisors and applications in differential and arithmetic geometry(pdf)
16.02.23Timo Weiß (Heidelberg)Eine Konstruktion des f^! Funktors für Cartier Moduln.
04.05.23Lucas Mann (Münster)A p-Adic 6-Functor Formalism on Rigid-Analytic Varieties(pdf)
11.05.23Johannes Sprang (Essen)Algebraicity and p-adic interpolation of critical Hecke L-values(pdf)
01.06.23Ryomei Iwasa (Paris)Motivic homotopy theory beyond A^1-invariance(pdf)
15.06.23Christoph Sorger (Nantes), Dmitry Kaledin (Moskau)Festkolloquium Manfred Lehn(pdf)
22.06.23Javier Carvajal-Rojas (Leuven)Centers of F-purity and their behavior under finite covers.(pdf)
26.10.23Tess Bouis (Orsay)Motivic cohomology of mixed characteristic schemes(pdf)
09.11.23Kay Rülling (Wuppertal)Hodge Witt cohomology with modulus and duality(pdf)
16.11.23Markus Hausmann (Bonn)Bordism of commuting involutions(pdf)
23.11.23Alexey Ananyevskiy (LMU München)Combing a hedgehog over a field(pdf)
30.11.23Antrittsvorlesungen Tamme und BachmannTamme: Algebraische K-theorie
Bachmann: Motivische Topologie
Konferenzraum des Helmholtz Instituts Mainz
Staudinger Weg 18
07.12.23Ariane Mézard (Paris)Ruth Moufang Lecture in Heidelberg Link
14.12.23Alessandro d'Angelo (Stockholm)Quadratic Atiyah-Bott Localisation(pdf)
25.01.24Ben Heuer (Frankfurt) und Jan Bruinier (Darmstadt)GAUS Kolloquium15:00 Uhr
01.02.24Emil Jacobsen (Stockholm)On the motivic fundamental group(pdf)


Oberseminare im Sommersemester 2022:

Oberseminar arithmetische Geometrie (Tamme/Blickle)

This semester we will learn about motivic cohomology. The program has been written by Rizacan Çiloglu, Timo Richarz, and Thibaud van den Hove (all TU Darmstadt). See here for the program and the list of talks. The talks take place in Darmstadt and are streamed in Mainz in 05-426.

Oberseminare im Wintersemester 2021/22:

Oberseminar arithmetische Geometrie (Tamme/Blickle)

This semester we will discuss the article Projectivity of the Witt vector affine Grassmannian by Bhatt and Scholze.

Oberseminar Geometrie und Topologie (Lehn/Lehn/Festi)

Joint Seminar with Mailand and Chemnitz on Geometric Invariant Theory. Also open to Master Students

Oberseminar algebraische Geometrie (Javanpeykar)

Algebraic Stacks and Moduli of curves and abelian Varieties.