Oberseminar arithmetische Geometrie (WS21/22)

This semester we want to understand the paper "Projectivity of the Witt vector affine Grassmannian" by Bhatt and Scholze.

Program: program GrWaff.

Dates and location: Tuesdays, 14:00-15:30, in 05-426. It is also possible to participate via Zoom.

Zoom coordinates: Meeting ID: 912 4572 6486. Passcode: affinewitt

List of talks:

1Grothendieck topologies and flat descentOctober 19Philipp Licht
2The h-topologyOctober 26Ariyan Javanpeykarnotes
3Interlude: ∞-categories and sheaves of spacesNovember 2Catrin Mairnotes
4h-sheaves of spacesNovember 9Georg Tamme
5Perfect schemesNovember 16Cedric Luger
6Interlude: Witt vectors November 23Rızacan Çiloğlunotes
7v-descent on perfect schemes, INovember 30Daniel Fink
8v-descent on perfect schemes, IIDecember 7+14Manuel Blickle
9Fiber-wise criteria, IDecember 14Lorenzo Mantovani
10Fiber-wise criteria, IIJanuary 4Thibaud van den Hove
11Families of torsion W(k)-modulesJanuary 11Finn Bartsch
12The Demazure schemeJanuary 18Christian Dahlhausen
13The Witt vector affine GrassmannianJanuary 25Torsten WedhornTwo talks on January 25
14 Projectivity of the Witt vector affine GrassmannianJanuary 25Patrick BiekerDinner afterwards