Vorträge SFBTRR45 2007-2019

Vorträge im Rahmen des SFB/TRR45 Kolloquiums von 2007-2019:

25.04.2019 15.45 Pinar Kilicer (Oldenburg) Modular invariants for genus-3 hyperelliptic curves
02.05.2019 15:45 Farbod Shokrieh (Copenhagen) Measures on graphs and a Kazhdan theorem
27.06.2019 Emre Sertöz (MPI Leipzig) Computing mixed Hodge structures on singular hypersurfaces
11.07.2019 Raymond van Bommel (Mainz) Boundedness in families of projective varieties with applications to arithmetic hyperbolicity
Daniele Casazza On the factorization of p-adic L-series

18.10.2018 15.45 Linda Frey (Copenhagen University) Explicit Lower Height Bounds in Q(E_tor)
25.10.2018 15.45 Raymond van Bommel (Mainz University) How to compute regulators using Arakelov intersection theory
8.11.2018 15.45 Robin de Jong (Leiden University) Tropical moments of polarized abelian varieties
15.11.2018 15.45 Pedro Lemos (MPI Bonn) Some cases of Serre's uniformity problem
22.11.2018 15.45  Andrey Soldatenkov (University Bonn) The Kuga-Satake construction for hyperkahler manifolds
06.12.2018 15.45 Javier Carvajal (EPFL Lausanne) The USTP problem and diagonal $F$-regularity.
13.12.2018 15.45  Junyi Xie (University of Rennes) Algebraic actions of discrete groups: the p-adic method
20.12.2018 16.00 Nikon Kurnosov Automorphisms of hyperkähler manifolds as CAT(0)-groups.
10.01.2019 15.45 Kevin Langlois Intersection cohomology and torus actions of complexity one
17.01.2019 15.45 Maciek Zdanowicz (EPFL Lausanne) Serre-Tate theory for ordinary Calabi-Yau varieties
24.01.2019 15.45 Ilya Smirnov (University of Stockholm) Hilbert-Kunz multiplicity and deformations
31.01.2019 15.45  Duco van Straten Festkolloquium
7.02.2019 15.45  No speaker on this day
14.02.2019 15.45 Bartosz Naskerecki (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan)

19.04.2018 15.30 Andreas Hochenegger (Università degli Studi di Milano) Formality of $P$-objects
26.04.2018 15.30 Filip Najman (University of Zagreb) Properties of elliptic curves with a point of order n​​ over number fields of degree d
03.05.2018 15.30 Timothy Logvinenko (University of Cardiff) P^n-functors and cyclic covers
17.05.2018 15.30  Alice Garbagnati (Università degli Studi di Milano) Elliptic fibrations on K3 surfaces: classifications, equations and specializations
24.05.2018 15.30 Brouwer-Day-Symposium
07.06.2018 15.30 Simon Brandhorst (Leibniz Universität Hannover) Embeddings of lattices and p-adic orthogonal groups
14.06.2018 15.30  Samuel Boissière (Poitiers) Degeneration of cubic hypersurfaces and hyper-Kähler manifolds uniformised by a complex ball
21.06.2018 15.30 Michael Dettweiler (Bayreuth) Monodromy of convolution on elliptic curves and motives of $G_2$-type
28.06.2018 15.30 Alex Degtyarev (Bilkent University, Ankara) Lines on smooth K3-surfaces
05.07.2018 15.30 Didier Lesesvre (Paris/Goettingen) Weyl's law and beyond: Arithmetic statistics for quaternion algebras

19.10.2017 Special SFB Seminar in Bonn
14:30 Ariyan Javanpeykar (Mainz)Borel's theorem for the moduli space of canonically polarized varieties
16:30 Vytautas Paskunas (Essen) Some consequences of a Theorem of J. Ludwig
26.10.2017 15.30 Jinbang Yang (Mainz) Projective crystalline representations of fundamental groups and twisted periodic Higgs-de Rham flows
2.11.2017 9:15 Tamasz Szamuely (Budapest)
2.11.2017 11:45 Okasana Yakimova (Köln)
2.11.2017 14:15 Gregory Pearlstein (Texas A&M)
6.11.2017 9:15 Christian Liedtke (TU München)
6.11.2017 11:45 Radu Laza (Stony Brook)
13.11.2017 9:15 Ionut Ciocan-Fontanine (Minnesota)
13.11.2017 11:45 Arend Bayer (Edinburgh)
21.11.2017 13:30 Stefan Gille (Alberta)
23.11.2017 15.30 Pieter Belmans (MPI Bonn) Hilbert schemes of points and the Hochschild--Kostant--Rosenberg decomposition
30.11.2017 15.30 Arthemy Kiselev (Groningen) The calculus of multivectors on noncommutative jet spaces
7.12.2017 15.30 Raju Krishnamoorty (Humboldt Berlin) Analogs of the Hasse invariant
14.12.2017 15.30 Wahei Hara (Waseda) Mukai flops and P-twists via non-commutative crepant resolutions.
18.1.2018 15.30 Chiara Camere (Milano) and Daniel Huybrechts (Bonn)
Moduli spaces of cubic threefolds and automorphisms of irreducible holomorphic symplectic manifolds
Finiteness results for hyperkähler manifolds in algebraic and non-algebraic families
25.1.2018 15.30 Johannes Anschütz (Bonn) Breuil-Kisin-Fargues modules with complex multiplication
1.2.2018 15.30 Kestutis Cesnavicius (Bonn) Purity for the Brauer group

20.04.2017 15.30 Philipp Naumann (Marburg) Curvature of higher direct image sheaves
26.04.2017 16:30 Johan Commelin (Nijmegen) The Mumford-Tate conjecture for products of K3 surfaces
27.04.2017 15.30 Olivier Benoist (Strasbourg) Sums of squares on real uniruled varieties
4.05.2017 15.30 Mülthei-Kolloquium
11.05.2017 15.30 Noriko Yui (Toronto) Modularity/Automorphy of Calabi–Yau Varieties of CM type
18.05.2017 15.30 Alberto Vezzani (Paris XIII) The tilting equivalence and motivic Galois groups
25.05.2017 15.30 Christi Himmelfahrt (Kein Vortrag)
1.06.2017 15.30 Hannah Markwig (Tübingen) Counting real and complex curves in the tropical world
8.06.2017 15.30 Charles Vial (Bielefeld) Distinguished models of intermediate Jacobians
15.06.2017 15.30 Fronleichnam  (Kein Vortrag)
22.06.2017 14.00 Giulia Saccà (Stony Brook) Degenerations of hyperkähler manifolds
22.06.2017 15.30 Francois Charles (Paris XI) Arithmetic ampleness and arithmetic Bertini
29.06.2017 15.30 Simone Diverio (Rome) [This talk is part of the mini-conference HyperbolicityRational curves on fiber spaces whose general fiber is an abelian variety of dimension or codimension one
6.07.2017 15.30 Martijn Kool (Utrecht) Moduli of sheaves on general type surfaces and modular forms
13.07.2017 15.30 Alessio Corti (Imperial College London) Algebraic ordinary differential equations of low ramification
28.9.3017 14:15 Javier Carvajal (Utah) Finite torsors over strongly F-regular singularities.

27.10.2016 15.30 Moritz Groth (Bonn) Some first steps with Grothendieck derivators
03.11.2016 15.30 Xuanyu Pan (Bonn) Voisin's conjecture for Fano variety of lines
10.11.2016 15.30 Robert Kucharkcyk (Zürich) Absolute Galois groups and rational Witt vectors
17.11.2016 15.30 Special SFB Seminar in Mainz
14:15 Massimo Bertolini (Essen) Rational points on elliptic curves and deformations of Galois representations
16:30 Vlad Lazić (Bonn): On two conjectures in birational geometry
23.11.2016 14:15 Frank Gounelas (HU Berlin) On the cotangent bundle of Calabi-Yau varietie
24.11.2016 15.30 Ho Hai Phung (Hanoi) The parametric differential Galois group
01.12.2016 15.30 Oliver Bräunling (Freiburg) K-theory and Cartier crystals
8.12.2016 15.30 Phạm Hùng Quý (Hanoi) F-injectivity and Frobenius closure of ideals in Noetherian rings of characteristic p>0
15.12.2016 15.30 Colleen Robles (Duke)
Characterization of Gross's Calabi-Yau variations of Hodge structure type by characteristic forms
12.01.2017 15.30 Zsolt Patakfalvi (Lausanne) Characterization of (ordinary) abelian varieties in positive characteristic
19.01.2017 15.30 Hans Franzen (Bochum) Cohomological properties of quiver Grassmannians
26.01.2017 15.30 Christian Liedtke (TU München) Good Reduction of K3 Surfaces
02.02.2017 15.30 Arend Bayer (Edinburgh) Brill-Noether via wall-crossing
09.02.2017 15.30 Laure Flapan (UCLA) Fundamental Groups of Kodaira Fibrations of Genus 3
16.02.2017 15.30 Lin Weng (Kyushu/IHES/MPIM) Arithmetic  Cohomology Groups and Their Applications

21.04.2016 15.30 De-Qi Zhang (National University of Singapore, z.Z. MPI Bonn) Effectivity of Iitaka fibrations and pluricanonical systems of polarized pairs
28.04.2016 15:30 Alexander Ivanov (München) Affine Deligne-Lusztig theory
12.05.2016 15:30 Hang Xue (MPI Bonn) A quadratic rational point on a non-hyperelliptic genus four Jacobian
19.05.2016 15:30 Shane Kelly (Freiburg) cdh differential forms in positive characteristic
02.06.2016 15:30 Javier Fresan (ETH Zurich) Exponential motives
09.06.2016 Special SFB-Seminar in Essen
14:15 Catharina Stroppel (Bonn) p-adic representation theory from a categorification point of view
16:30 Manfred Lehn (Mainz) Cubic fourfolds and holomorphic symplectic manifolds
16.06.2016 15:30 Jürgen Jost (MPI Leipzig) String Theorie und Modulraeume
23.06.2016 15:30 Christopher Daw (Oxford) Degrees of strongly special subvarieties and the Andre-Oort conjecture
30.06.2016 15:30 Lars Halle (Copenhagen) Degenerations of Hilbert schemes of points
07.07.2016 15:30 Matthew Ballard (Univ. of South Carolina) Kernels from compactifications
14.07.2016 15:30 Mao Sheng (Hefei/Mainz) Deligne-Illusie's Lemma in the semi-stable Case and Its Application to Tate Curves.
21.07.2016 15:30 Hans Jockers (Bonn) Calabi-Yau Moduli Spaces from 2d Gauge Theories

28.09.2015 14:00 Fabien Pazuki (Copenhagen) Bad reduction of curves with CM jacobians
22.10.2015 15:30 David Rydh (KTH Stockholm) Destackification
29.10.2015 15:30 Piotr Pokora (Mainz) On the bounded negativity conjecture
05.11.2015 15:30 Benjamin Bakker (Berlin) Hyperbolicity and torsion in families of abelian varieties
12.11.2015 15:30 Christopher Deninger (Münster) A new approach to Witt vectors and the relative de Rham Witt complex
19.11.2015 10:15 Benjamin Wyser (Illinois) The Bruhat order on clans, and applications to local structure of symmetric orbit closures
19.11.2015 15:30 Alan Huckleberry (Bremen) Complex Geometry of Flag Domains
26.11.2015 15:30 Masha Vlasenko (Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences) Arithmetic properties of coefficients of logarithms of formal group laws
03.12.2015 14:15 Duco von Straten (Mainz) and Daniel Greb (Essen) SFB-Seminartag in Bonn
10.12.2015 15:30 Carlos Simpson (Nice) und Günther Trautmann (Kaiserslautern) Festkolloquium Zuo 60
17.12.2015 15:30 Matthias Schütt (Hannover) Moduli of Gorenstein Q-homology fake projective planes
07.01.2016  14:15 Ádám Gyenge (Budapest): Euler characteristics of Hilbert schemes of simple surface singularities
07.01.2016 15:30 Liana Heuberger (Nice): Singularities of anticanonical divisors
14.01.2016 13:00 Dino Festi (Leiden): The Picard lattice of a family of double covers of P^2
14.01.2016 14:15 Amos Turchet (Göteborg): Uniformity of stably integral points
21.01.2016 15:30 Sarah Scherotzke (Bonn) Vortrag fällt aus
28.01.2016 13:00 Davide Cesare Veniani (Hannover): Counting lines on quartic surfaces: new techniques and results
28.01.2016 14:15 Robert Wilms (Bonn): New formulas for Faltings delta invariant
28.01.2016 15:30 Daniel Harrer (Freiburg): From Voevodsky's to Nori's Motives
04.02.2016 15:30 Tomasz Szemberg (Krakow) Sylvester Gallai Theorem for higher degree curves

28.09.2015 14:00 Fabien Pazuki (Copenhagen): Bad reduction of curves with CM jacobians
23.07.2015 15:30 Ana-Maria Brecan (Mainz): Schubert Slices in the Combinatorial Geometry of Flag Domains
16.07.2015 15:30 Arno Kret (Bonn): Galois representations for the general symplectic group
09.07.2015 15:30 Pierre Lairez (Berlin): Periods of rational Integrals
03.07.2015 12:15 Fritz Hörmann (Freiburg): More Derivators
02.07.2015 15:30 Fritz Hörmann (Freiburg): Derivators
26.06.2015 14:00 Chung Pang Mok (Purdue): Mochizuki's theory of arithmetic deformation of number fields (II)
25.06.2015 15:30 Chung Pang Mok (Purdue): Introduction to Mochizuki's works on Inter-universal Teichmuller theory
22.06.2015 12:45 Chung Pang Mok (Purdue): Mochizuki's theory of arithmetic deformation of number fields (I)
18.06.2015 15:30 David Holmes (Leiden): Néron models over bases of higher dimension
11.06.2015 15:30 Hussein Mourtada (Paris): Jet schemes and resolution of singularities
03.06.2015 12:15 Sondertermin: Roozbeh Hazrat (Sydney): Leavitt path algebras
28.05.2015 15:30 Rahul Pandharipande (Zürich): Counting curves on K3 surfaces and modular forms
21.05.2015 15:30 Gebhard Böckle (Heidelberg): p-adische und mod p Galoisdarstellungen in Charakteristik p
07.05.2015 15:30 Jérémy Blanc (Basel): Conjugacy classes of special automorphisms of the affine spaces
30.04.2015 15:30 Pham Thuy Huong Toam (Kaiserslautern): Mather-Yau theorem in positive characteristic
23.04.2015 15:30 Kay Ruelling (Berlin): Higher Chow groups with modulus and relative Milnor K-theory
21.04.2015 14:30 Alfonso Zamora (Lisabon): GIT-characterization of Harder-Narasimhan filtrations
10.04.2015 14:15 Allen Knutson (Cornell): Stratifying the Grassmannian by juggling patterns

26.02.2015 15:30 Kevin Langlois (Bonn): The Demazure roots of a spherical embedding
19.02.2015 15:30 Clélia Pech (Ort): Quantum cohomology of the symplectic Grassmannians
05.02.2015 15:30 Klaus Altmann (Berlin): Deformations of Toric Varieties
30.01.2015 14:15 Daniel Huybrechts (Bonn) und Marc Levine (Essen): Curves and cycles on K3 surfaces vs. A recent intrusion of algebraic geometry into stable homotopy theory
29.01.2015 15:30 Henning Krause (Bielefeld): Koszul-, Ringel- und Serre Dualitaet fuer strikt polynomiale Funktoren
22.01.2015 15:30 Travis Mandel (Aarhus): Tropical Curve Counts and a Frobenius Structure on Cluster Varieties.
15.01.2015 15:30 Marcello Bernardara (Toulouse): Vector bundles, semisimple algebras and birational properties of rational surfaces
08.01.2015 15:30 Jan Steffen Müller (Oldenburg): Quadratic Chabauty
18.12.2014 15:30 Thomas Weisschuh (Mainz): A commutative regulator map in Deligne cohomology
11.12.2014 15:30 Anna von Pippich (Darmstadt): An arithmetic Riemann--Roch theorem for weighted pointed curves
04.12.2014 15:30 Simon Rose (Bonn): Hyperelliptic curve counting on abelian surfaces via the Shioda-Inose K3 and related ideas.
27.11.2014 15:30 Serge Yagunov (Bielefeld): Motivic Steenrod algebra and the structure of Motivic cohomology spectral sequence
20.11.2014 15:30 Annette Huber-Klawitter (Freiburg): Differential forms for singular varieties
13.11.2014 15:30 Mikhail Borovoi (Tel Aviv): Labelings of Dynkin diagrams and Galois cohomology of simply connected real groups
30.10.2014 15:30 Olivier Benoist (Strasbourg): Complete families of smooth space curves

24.07.2014 15:30 Christian Liedtke (München): Supersingular K3 surfaces are unirational
17.07.2014 15:30 Barbara Schalke (Erlangen): Spherical Roots of Spherical Varieties in Characteristic 2
10.07.2014 15:15 Sprecher (Ort): t.b.a.
03.07.2014 15:30 Bernd Schober (Paris): Hironakas charakteristische Polyeder und Auflösung von Singularitäten in Dimension zwei
26.06.2014 15:15 Vladimir Lazić (Bonn): A note on abundance
18.06.2014 10:15 Mittwoch: Bas Edixhoven (Universiteit Leiden): The Andre-Oort conjecture for Ag, under GRH, after Pila and Tsimerman
12.06.2014 15:30 Slawomir Cynk (Krakau): Picard-Fuchs operator for one parameter families of Calabi-Yau threefolds
05.06.2014 15:30 Greg Stevenson (Bielefeld): Singularity categories of complete intersections
22.05.2014 15:30 Holger Brenner (Osnabrück): Irrational Hilbert-Kunz multiplicities
15.05.2014 14:15 Müller-Stach und Scholze: Special SFB Seminar in Essen
08.05.2014 15:30 Chenyang Xu (Beijing): Minimal model program for threefolds in positive characteristic
24.04.2014 15:15 Mark Gross (Cambridge, U.K.): Local mirror symmetry in the tropics

06.03.2014 15:15 Mircea Mustata (Michigan): Seshadri constants in positive characteristic
21.02.2014 14:15 Sándor Kovács (Seattle): Singularities of low degree complete intersections
06.02.2014 15:15 Dr. Wilberd van der Kallen (Univ. Utrecht): Bifunctors and universal cohomology classes
30.01.2014 15:15 Adrian Langer (Warsaw): Bogomolov's inequality for Higgs sheaves in positive characteristic
23.01.2014 15:15 Guilia Saccà (Stony Brook): Singularities of moduli spaces of sheaves on K3 surfaces and Nakajima quivers varieties
16.01.2014 15:15 Nicolò Sibilla (MPI Bonn): Ribbon graphs, skeleta and homological mirror symmetry
12.12.2013 15:15 Maksim Zhykhovich (Mainz): Integral Chow motives of projective homogeneous varieties and Krull-Schmidt principle
05.12.2013 15:15 Ronan Terpereau (Mainz): Invariant Hilbert schemes and invariant deformation theory
28.11.2013 15:15 Girja Shanker Tripathi (Essen): Homotopy theory and algebraic K-theory
21.11.2013 15:15 Xin Lu (Mainz): On Shimura curves in the Torelli locus of curves
14.11.2013 15:15 Yanhong Yang (Mainz): Semistable Higgs bundles and representations of algebraic fundamental groups in mixed characteristics
07.11.2013 15:15 Sandip Singh (Mainz): Arithmeticity of certain Symplectic Monodromy Groups
31.10.2013 15:15 Ariyan Javanpeykar (Mainz): Arakelov invariants of Belyi curves

18.07.2013 15:15 Hanno Becker (Bonn): The contraderived category of linear factorizations and Khovanov-Rozansky knot homology
11.07.2013 15:15 Andreas von Manteuffel (Mainz): Applications of the symbol calculus for multiple polylogarithms in Quantum Field Theory
05.07.2013 14:15 Philipp Habegger (Darmstadt): Sondertermin: Unlikely Intersections and o-minimal Structures
04.07.2013 15:15 Ulrich Derenthal (München): Cox rings and rational points on del Pezzo surfaces / Cox-Ringe und rationale Punkte auf del-Pezzo-Flächen
27.06.2013 15:15 Speaker (Ort): SFB-Kolloquium
20.06.2013 15:15 Ronan Terpereau (Grenoble): Invariant Hilbert schemes and resolutions of quotient singularities
19.06.2013 10:15 Sergey Galkin: Sondertermin: Zeta-functions of perfect categories, symmetric powers and Hilbert schemes
13.06.2013 15:15 Symposium on History of Modern Mathematics and Theoretical Physics: SFB-Kolloquium: entfällt
06.06.2013 15:15 Sebastian Herpel (Kaiserslautern): Smooth centralizers in reductive groups
30.05.2013 15:15 Fronleichnam: SFB-Kolloquium: entfällt
23.05.2013 15:15 Maksim Zhykhovich (Mainz): Some operations on Chow groups and their applications
16.05.2013 15:15 Nicolas Perrin (Düsseldorf): Quantum K-theory of homogeneous spaces
09.05.2013 15:15 Christi Himmelfahrt: SFB-Kolloquium: entfällt
02.05.2013 15:15 Manfred Lehn (Mainz): Twisted cubics on cubic fourfolds II
25.04.2013 15:15 Manfred Lehn (Mainz): Twisted cubics on cubic fourfolds I
18.04.2013 15:15 Sergey Mozgovoy (Oxford): Topologische Invarianten der Moduliräume von semistabilen Garben auf den Regelflächen

07.02.2013 15:15 Luca Migliorini (Bologna): Support theorems for the relative Hilbert scheme of a family of planar curves.
06.02.2013 10:15 Luca Migliorini (Bologna): Sondertermin: What is Intersection cohomology good for?
31.01.2013 15:15 Alena Pirutka (Strasbourg): On some questions on algebraic cycles for varieties over finite fields
24.01.2013 14:15 Schon um 14:15: Jan Schröer (Bonn): An Introduction to Cluster Algebras
17.01.2013 15:15 Yitao Wu (Heidelberg): On the p-adic local invariant cycle theorem
10.01.2013 15:15 Nikita Semenov (Mainz): Über orientierte Kohomologie-Theorien der algebraischen Varietäten
09.01.2013 10:15 Nero Budur (Notre Dame/Aachen): SFB-Sondervortrag: V-filtration and vanishing cycles
20.12.2012 15:15 kurz vor Weihnachten: SFB-Kolloquium: entfällt
13.12.2012 15:15 Evgeny Shinder (Bonn): Exceptional collections of line bundles on the Beauville surface
06.12.2012 15:15 Lars Kindler (FU Berlin): Regular singularities and tame ramification
04.12.2012 16:15 Sondertermin: Geir Ellingsrud (Oslo): The Chow ring of a geometric quotient
29.11.2012 15:15 Martin Möller (Frankfurt): Inkommensurabilitaet von nicht-arithmetischen Gittern in PU(1,n)
22.11.2012 15:15 Alexander Smirnov (Steklov Institute): On definition fields of algebraic curves
15.11.2012 15:15 Yi Shao Tian (Paris/Beijing): p-adic cohomology and classicality of overconvergent Hilbert modular forms
08.11.2012 14:15 (at 14:15!) Christoph Sorger (Nantes/Bonn): Über die p-Krümmungen des Hitchin Zusammenhanges
01.11.2012 15:15 Allerheiligen: SFB-Kolloquium: entfällt
25.10.2012 15:15 Gabriele Honecker (Mainz): Strings, D-branes and Calabi-Yau compactifications

19.07.2012 15:15 Stefan Gille (Alberta): On the Brauer group of an algebraic group
12.07.2012 15:15 Stefan Kebekus (Freiburg): Singular spaces with trivial canonical class
05.07.2012 15:15 Annette Werner (Frankfurt): Automorphisms of Drinfeld half-spaces over finite fields
28.06.2012 15:15 Christian Böhning (Hamburg): On the derived category of the classical Godeaux surface
21.06.2012 15:15 Geordie Williamson (MPIM Bonn): The Springer correspondence and modular representation theory
14.06.2012 15:15 Joseph Ayoub (ETH Zürich): Relative rigidity property and etale realization.
07.06.2012 15:15 entfällt wegen Feiertag: SFB-Kolloquium: ---
31.05.2012 15:15 Frederic Deglise (Lyon): A residual Riemann-Roch formula
24.05.2012 15:15 Torsten Wedhorn (Paderborn): Zips
17.05.2012 15:15 Entfällt wegen Feiertag: SFB-Kolloquium: ---
10.05.2012 15:15 Helge Ruddat (Mainz): Towards mirror symmetry for varieties of general type
03.05.2012 15:15 Jan Draisma (Eindhoven): Bounded-rank tensors
26.04.2012 15:15 Ismael Souderes (Duisburg-Essen): Mixed cycle complexes on P^1 minus three points
19.04.2012 15:15 Günther Trautmann (Kaiserslautern): Vector bundles on non-Kähler principal elliptic bundles over surfaces

16.02.2012 15:15 Vytautas Paskunas (Essen): p-adic local Langlands correspondence for GL_2(Q_p)
09.02.2012 15:15 Carlos Simpson (Nice): Local systems on P^1 minus 4 point
02.02.2012 15:15 Emanuel Scheidegger (Augsburg): On Picard-Fuchs equations and flat coordinates
26.01.2012 15:15 Mathieu Florence (Jussieu): Central simple algebras of index p^n in characteristic p
19.01.2012 15:15 Dmitiy Rumynin (Warwick/MPIM): G-sets and finite W-algebras
19.01.2012 10:15 SONDERTERMIN: Kazushi Ueda: Homological mirror symmetry for simple singularities of type A
12.01.2012 15:15 ENTFÄLLT wegen Krankheit! Günther Trautmann (Kaiserslautern): Vector bundles on non-Kähler principal elliptic bundles over surfaces
15.12.2011 15:15 Victor Batyrev (Tübingen): The stringy motivic measure and singularities
08.12.2011 15:15 Catharina Stroppel (Bonn): Categorifications and fractional Euler characteristics
01.12.2011 15:15 Jochen Heinloth (Essen): Moduli space of bundles and Kloosterman sums
24.11.2011 15:15 Wolfgang Sörgel (Freiburg): Koszul duality in positive characteristic
17.11.2011 15:15 Ludmil Katzarkov (Wien): A New Perspective on Stability Conditions
10.11.2011 15:15 Manfred Herbst (Augsburg): On autoequivalences of toric CICY categories
03.11.2011 15:15 Jaeyoo Choy (Mainz): The moduli spaces of perverse coherent sheaves on surfaces
27.10.2011 15:15 Alexander Merkurjev (UCLA/MPIM): Essential dimension in algebra

21.07.2011 15:15 David Favero: A category of kernels for graded matrix factorizations and Hodge theory
14.07.2011 15:15 Michael Puschnigg (Marseille-Aix): Der Chern-Connes Charakter ist nicht rational injektiv
07.07.2011 15:15 Konferenz Motives in Mainz: SFB-Kolloquium: enfällt
30.06.2011 15:15 Johannes Nicaise (Leuven): Rational fixed points for finite group actions, and a question of Serre
24.06.2011 10:15 Freitagstermin: Rita Pardini (Pisa): Curves on irregular surfaces and Brill-Nother theory
23.06.2011 15:15 Fronleichnam: SFB-Kolloquium: enfällt
16.06.2011 15:15 Bernd Siebert (Hamburg): A tropical view on Landau-Ginzburg models
09.06.2011 15:15 Srikanth Iyengar (Nebraska/Paderborn): Detecting flatness over smooth bases
02.06.2011 15:15 Christi Himmelfahrt: SFB-Kolloquium: entfällt
26.05.2011 15:15 Adrian Langer (Warsaw/Essen): Semistable bundles and fundamental group schemes in positive characteristic
19.05.2011 15:15 Florian Ivorra (Rennes/Essen): Mixed Hodge complexes and higher extensions of mixed Hodge modules on algebraic varieties
12.05.2011 15:15 Maria Pe Pereira (Madrid): Nash problem for surfaces
05.05.2011 15:15 Christian Serpé (Münster): Nonstandard Methods in Algebraic Geometry
05.05.2011 10:15 Sondertermin: Florian Enescu (Georgia State): Hilbert Kunz multiplicity
29.04.2011 12:00 Freitagstermin: Hélène Esnault (Essen): Infinitessimal Cycles
28.04.2011 15:15 Nicolas Perrin (Bonn): Quantum K-theory of some homogeneous spaces
21.04.2011 15:15 Wen Fei Liu (Mainz): The Moduli Space of Even Surfaces with K^2=8, p_g=4, q=0

17.02.2011 15:15 entfällt wg Antrittsvorlesungen Lukáčová und Raasch: SFB-Kolloquium: tba
10.02.2011 15:15 Michael Lönne (Bayreuth): SFB-Kolloquium: tba
03.02.2011 15:15 Michaël Le Barbier (Bonn): Parameter space and universal family for connected subgroups of a complex algebraic group
27.01.2011 15:15 (fällt aus wg Krankheit)Mathieu Florence (Paris): (entfällt wegen krankheit)
20.01.2011 15:15 Victor Petrov (Mainz): Rost invariant and isotropness of groups of type E_7
13.01.2011 15:15 Alex Kueronya (Freiburg): Arithmetic properties of volumes of divisors
16.12.2010 15:15 Andreas Maurischat (Heidelberg): Iterative differentials in positive characteristic
09.12.2010 15:15 Jean Fasel (Lausanne): Grothendieck-Witt groups and projective modules
02.12.2010 15:15 Kai Rülling (Essen): Birational invariance of relative Witt vector cohomology
25.11.2010 15:15 Nero Budur (Notre Dame): The monodromy conjecture for hyperplane arrangements
24.11.2010 11:00 Vivek Shende (Princeton): Sondertermin: New invariants of plane curve singularities
18.11.2010 15:15 Matthias Wendt (Freiburg): A^1-homotopy theory and algebraic groups
11.11.2010 15:15 Gavril Farkas (Berlin): Green's Conjecture for all curves on K3 surfaces
04.11.2010 15:15 Jakob Stix (Heidelberg): On the passage form local to global in Grothendieck's section conjecture
28.10.2010 15:15 Chris Peters (Genoble): Abelian varieties: Constructions inspired by super-string theory

15.07.2010 15:15 Aravind Asok (UCLA): Equivariant vector bundles on some spherical varieties
08.07.2010 15:15 Christian Liedtke (Stanford): The Double Cover of an Enriques Surface
01.07.2010 15:15 Kevin Tucker (Utah): Multiplier Ideals and Finite Morphisms in Positive Characteristic
24.06.2010 15:15 Holger Partsch (Düsseldorf): Deformations of elliptic fibre bundles
17.06.2010 15:15 Karl Schwede (Ann Arbor, Michigan): Du Bois Singularities
17.06.2010 10:15 SONDERTERMIN: Jürgen Joost: tba
15.06.2010 14:30 SONDERTERMIN: Igor Dolgachev (Ann Arbor): Enriques services and holomorphic symplectic four-folds
10.06.2010 15:45 SONDERTERMIN: Hossein Movasati (Rio de Janeiro): Quasi modular forms for variation of Calabi-Yau varieties
10.06.2010 14:30 45min FRÜHER! Georg Hein (Essen): The Euclid-Fourier-Mukai Algorithm
27.05.2010 15:15 Marius van der Put (Groningen): Classification of meromorphic differential equations.
20.05.2010 15:15 Daniel Greb (Freiburg): Differential forms on singular varieties
06.05.2010 15:15 Angela Ortega (Berlin): Prym varieties of non-cyclic triple coverings
06.05.2010 13:00 Sondertermin: Markus Zowislok (Mainz): Symplectic Moduli Spaces
29.04.2010 15:15 Andre Chatzistamatiou (Essen): Higher direct images of the structure sheaf
22.04.2010 15:15 Uwe Jannsen (Regensburg): Strong resolution of singularities for two-dimensional schemes
15.04.2010 15:15 Duco van Straten (Mainz): On the origins of gravity (after Erik Verlinde)

11.02.2010 15:15 Marc Levine (Essen): Algebraischer Kobordismus: Topologie im Dienste der algebraischen Geometrie
21.01.2010 15:15 Christopher Deninger (Münster): Vector bundles on p-adic curves and p-adic representations
07.01.2010 15:15 Irene Bouw (Ulm): Existence of covers of curves in positive characteristic
17.12.2009 15:15 Jiajin Zhang (Mainz): Higgs bundles over certain Shimura curves in char p and their applications
03.12.2009 15:15 Sebastian Goette (Freiburg): The extended Bloch group and the Cheeger-Chern-Simons class
26.11.2009 15:15 Martin Möller (Bonn): Deligne-Mumford-Kompaktifizierung von Hilbert-Modul-Varietäten
20.11.2009 13:00 Michael Rapoport (Bonn): Occult period mappings and their boundary divisors
12.11.2009 15:15 Kira Samol (Mainz): Dwork congruences for reflexive Polytopes
05.11.2009 15:15 Oliver Schnetz (Erlangen): Survey on QFT and periods

16.07.2009 15:15 Nathan Owen Ilten (FU Berlin): An Introduction to T-Varieties
09.07.2009 15:15 Anton Mellit (MPI Bonn): Higher Chow groups and Higher Green's functions
02.07.2009 15:15 Sheng-Li Tan: Chern numbers of a singular fiber, modular invariants and isotrivial families of curves
18.06.2009 15:15 Manuel Blickle (Essen): Was ist motivische Integration
28.05.2009 15:15 Oleksandr Iena (Mainz): Modification of Simpson moduli spaces of 1-dimensional sheaves by vector bundles, an experimental example
14.05.2009 15:15 Morihiko Saito: Generalization of Néron models of Green, Griffits, Kerr
07.05.2009 15:00 Annette Werner (Universität Frankfurt): Vector bundles on p-adic curves
30.04.2009 15:00 Cecilia Salgado (Universität Paris VII, zur Zeit Hausdorff-Institut Bonn): Comparing the rank of the generic and the special fibres on rational elliptic surfaces
23.04.2009 15:00 Stefan Schröer (Düsseldorf): Enriques manifolds

12.02.2009 15:00 Michael Dettweiler (Heidelberg): Rigid local systems: from Gauss to the proof of Sato-Tate conjecture
12.02.2009 13:15 Michael Semmel: Degenerations 6: Geometric consequences
05.02.2009 15:00 Markus Reineke (Wuppertal): Quiver moduli and DT-type invariants
29.01.2009 15:00 Arvid Perego (Mainz): The 2-factoriaity of the O'Grady's moduli spaces of sheaves
28.01.2009 16:00 Prof. Dr. Hélène Esnault (Universität Duisburg-Essen): Examples of Feynman Integrals
22.01.2009 15:00 Yasunari Nagai (Mainz): Degeneration of irreducible symplectic manifolds
11.12.2008 15:00 Claire Voisin (Paris): Potential density of rational points on the Fano variety of lines of a cubic fourfold
04.12.2008 15:00 Jochen Heinloth (Amsterdam): Modulräume von G-Bündeln und ihre Kohomologie
27.11.2008 15:00 Wolfgang Ebeling (Hannover): McKay-Korrespondenz für Kleinsche und Fuchssche Singularitäten
20.11.2008 15:00 Tomasz Szemberg (Duisburg-Essen): Geometry of surfaces and Seshadri constants
13.11.2008 15:00 Francis Brown (Paris): Dedekind zeta motives for totally real number fields
10.11.2008 15:00 Michael Stoll (Bayreuth): Integral points on hyperelliptic curves
06.11.2008 15:00 Lu Jun (Mainz): Application of slope inequality for semi-stable families
30.10.2008 15:00 Mao Sheng (Mainz): Cardinality of special locus of a non-isotrivial family of algebraic curves over positive characteristic
27.10.2008 14:15 Klaus Hulek (Hannover): Intersection theory on moduli spaces of abelian varieties
23.10.2008 15:00 Chris Peters (Grenoble): Isometries of indefinite binary forms and applications to K3-surfaces
23.09.2008 15:00 Arithmetic Riemann-Roch Isometry and Geometry of Moduli of Punctured Riemann Surfaces: Weng Lin (Japan, Kyushu, z.z Tübingen und Münster)

10.07.2008 15:15 Walter van Suijlekom (Nijmegen): Renormalization using Hopf algebras and the Batalin-Vilkovisky formalism
03.07.2008 15:15 Serge Yagunov (MPI Bonn): Rigidity and Poincaré Duality for algebraic varieties
19.06.2008 15:15 Jun Li (Stanford University): Donaldson-Thomas invariants for Calabi-Yau threefolds
18.06.2008 14:00 Jun Li (Stanford University): Localization of virtual cycle by holomorphic forms and application
12.06.2008 15:15 Jaya Iyer: Chern-Simons classes of canonical extensions
05.06.2008 15:15 Jun Li (Stanford University): Localization of virtual cycle and quantum cohomology of Hilbert scheme of
15.05.2008 15:15 Annette Huber-Klawitter (Freiburg): Stetigkeit des Soule-Regulators
08.05.2008 15:15 Yasunari Nagai: Holomorphic Lagrangian fibrations - structure and examples
24.04.2008 15:15 Igor Burban (Bonn): Tilting on singular rational projective curves
17.04.2008 15:15 Francesco Lemma (Universität Bonn): Higher regulators, periods, and special values of the degree four L function of GSp(4)

14.02.2008 14:00 Unit roots in the Dwork family: Jeng-Daw Yu (Queen's University, Kingston, Kanada)
12.02.2008 14:15 Ordinary crystals over a smooth base: Jeng-Daw Yu (Queen's University, Kingston, Kanada)
07.02.2008 15:00 Eine Stabilitätsmannigfaltikeit mit unendlich vielen Komponenten: Holger Partsch (Uni Mainz)
24.01.2008 15:00 Reguläre Kinderzeichnungen und Kreisteilungskörper: Jürgen Wolfart (Uni Frankfurt)
10.01.2008 15:00 Non-symplectic automorphisms of order 3 on K3 surfaces.: Michela Artebani (Conception, Chile)
29.11.2007 15:00 Zur Renormierung und Berechnung von Feynmangraphen im Ortsraum: Christoph Bergbauer (FU Berlin)
22.11.2007 15:00 Constructing Calabi Yau 3-folds by smoothing of normal crossing varieties: Nam-Hoon Lee (KIAS)